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To Hell and Back (MP3)
Written by:
Susanna de VriesSydney LochJake de Vries 
Read by:
Shane Nagle 
Unabridged MP3 CD Audio Book 
Number of CDs:
7 hours 47 minutes 
MP3 size:
332 MB 
March 01 2015 
Available Date:
March 01 2015 
Age Category:
Non-fiction; Australian; First Hand Accounts; World War I 
ABC Audio 
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AUD$ 34.95
AUD$ 34.95

International bestseller

The banned account of Gallipoli by Sydney Loch.

As a young soldier in the battlefields of Gallipoli‚ Sydney Loch witnessed the horror of war first-hand. On his return to Australia he detailed what he saw in his book‚ The Straits Impregnable. Hoping to avoid military censorship‚ his publishers dubbed Sydney's book a novel. But as the war ground on and the numbers of casualties grew‚ the publisher inserted a note saying the story was factual. The book‚ which had enjoyed huge literary acclaim‚ was immediately withdrawn from sale by the censors. Sydney Loch's experiences in the war shaped his life afterwards. With his wife‚ Joice‚ he went on to work in refugee camps in Poland and Palestine‚ and his many subsequent books‚ set in war-torn countries‚ reflected his humanitarian beliefs. In To Hell and Back‚ historians Susanna and Jake de Vries have recovered and edited Sydney's book for a new generation of readers and written a biography of his remarkable life. In To Hell and Back, historians Susanna and Jake de Vries have recovered and edited Sydney's book for a new generation and included a biography of his remarkable life.

'Shane Nagle's narration does a wonderful job of bringing Sydney Loch's sometimes-melodramatic, sometimes-brilliant eyewitness account of the ill-fated 1915 Gallipoli campaign to life. Nagle's Australian accent is strong, but perfectly understandable. In case you were wondering about the title-the lion's share of this audiobook is a reading of Sydney Loch's The Straits Impregnable, first published in Australia in 1917 and subsequently banned by wartime censors. Susanna de Vries has respectfully edited the original book and added a lengthy but illuminating prologue and epilogue about the life of Sydney Loch and the publication of The Straits Impregnable. This is not a history of the Gallipoli campaign. It is, however, an important text in the development of Australian national identity.'
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