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Close Your Eyes, Lose Weight: Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind in 12 Weeks to Eat Healthy, Feel Great, and Love Your Body with the Groundbreaking Power of Hypnosis
Close Your Eyes #1
Written by:
Grace Smith 
Read by:
Grace Smith 
Unabridged CD Audio Book 
Number of CDs:
12 hours  
December 01 2020 
Available Date:
December 01 2020 
Age Category:
Non-fiction; Lifestyle - Wellbeing; Self Help 
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AUD$ 39.95
AUD$ 39.95

Bestselling author

Grace Smith returns with a new title that will help readers confront the subconscious issues that are preventing them from losing weight – and shows them how to relearn their relationships with food and their bodies.

If dieting always seems to fail . . . If you lose weight just to gain back more . . . If you like the idea of body positivity but are still your worst critic . . . Your subconscious programming is likely the problem . . . and hypnotherapy is the solution. If nothing you’ve tried before has worked for you in the long run, you owe it to yourself to experience an approach that has successfully transformed the lives of millions around the world. World-renowned hypnotherapist Grace Smith will give you the tools you need to train your subconscious mind to eat only the foods that nourish your body, mind and life. Close Your Eyes, Lose Weight uses the scientifically proven method of hypnotherapy to empower you to lose weight for the right reasons. Guided exercises will recondition your mind to help you: Eat mindfully, release emotional weight, reprogram your taste buds to crave healthy foods, heal from disordered eating and make a body-positive mindset your new normal. Rather than just aiming for a number on the scale, Close Your Eyes, Lose Weight helps you appreciate your incredible body and develop the conviction to live your healthiest life with self-love and confidence.

'I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing Grace’s hypnotherapy firsthand, and she is the absolute master of her craft. If you suspect your weight gain was rooted in something deeply emotional that you have not yet been able to access and heal, you must read this book.'
JJ Virgin, #1 New York Times bestselling author

'In my experience as a nutrition coach, there is no better 'workout' for the mind and a more effective tool for changing habits that will ensure lasting results like using Grace Smith’s hypnosis protocols alongside your weightloss plan.'
Jovanka Ciares

'Self-sabotage is real ... but it doesn’t have to stop you! Having worked with Grace personally, I can tell you that her work will absolutely change your life. If you’re ready to clean out subconscious cobwebs, power up, and love yourself like never before, Grace’s book will show you how.'
Gala Darling, author and speaker

'"I had the privilege of working with Grace as my hypnotherapist for 90 days. Her hypnotherapy not only fueled my weight loss of 15 pounds of body fat in 60 days, it jumpstarted long-term habits of consistent exercise and healthier food choices that have lasted well beyond just those 3 months ... I’m incredibly grateful for the life-changing guidance provided by Grace and I’m so excited for you to experience the power of hypnosis as you read Close Your Eyes, Lose Weight!'
Brigid McCuen, creative producer at MedCircle