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Navigating the Stars (MP3)
Released the same day as the standard print edition
Navigating the Stars (MP3)
Sentinels of the Galaxy #1
Written by:
Maria V. Snyder 
Read by:
Alice Barrington 
Unabridged MP3 CD Audio Book 
Number of CDs:
12 hours 23 minutes 
MP3 size:
513 MB 
November 19 2018 
Available Date:
November 19 2018 
Age Category:
Young Adult (15+) 
Fiction; Contemporary Fantasy; Contemporary Science Fiction; Science Fiction 
Bolinda/HarperCollins audio 
Bolinda price
AUD$ 14.95
AUD$ 14.95

New York Times bestselling author

New York Times bestselling author Maria Snyder returns with a compelling story of courage and determination in the face of the unknown.

Year 2471 A new discovery. Those three words thrill my parents – the galaxy’s leading archaeologists – but for me, it means another time jump to a different planet. By the time we arrive, my friends will be older than my dad. And I’ll still be seventeen. Thanks, Einstein. I really can’t blame Einstein, though. No one expected to find life-sized terracotta warriors buried on other planets. So off we go to investigate, travelling through space and time. With my social life in ruins, I fill my days illegally worming into the quantum net – the invention that allows us to travel in space. Of course the only person close to my age is a hot-but-pain-in-the-neck security officer who threatens to throw me into the brig. But when one of the warrior planets goes silent, we have bigger problems on our hands. The planet’s entire population might be dead. And now my worming skills, along with a translation of an ancient alien artefact, might be the key to finding out why. But my attempts to uncover the truth lead to the discovery of a deadly new alien phenomenon, and also alert those who wish to keep it quiet. The galaxy is in real danger and time is not on our side …