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City of the Plague God
Released the same day as the standard print edition
City of the Plague God
Written by:
Sarwat Chadda 
Read by:
Vikas Adam 
Unabridged CD Audio Book 
Number of CDs:
10 hours 22 minutes 
January 12 2021 
Available Date:
January 12 2021 
Age Category:
Children (8+) 
Fiction; Adventure; Children's Fiction; Fantasy 
Bolinda audio 
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AUD$ 34.95
AUD$ 34.95

Bestselling author
UK Author

Characters from the Epic of Gilgamesh populate this high-stakes contemporary adventure in which all of Manhattan is threatened by the ancient god of plagues.

Sikander ‘Sik’ Aziz has a frantically busy life working in his parents’ deli in Manhattan after school and on weekends. Sure, he misses game night with his friends, but Sik is dedicated to keeping his immigrant parents’ American dream alive. After all, there’s no one else they can count on now that their eldest son, Mo, is gone. Mo loved Iraq, where he was born, and taught Sik all about ancient Mesopotamia and its mythology. As young boys they even played at being Gilgamesh, the greatest hero of all time, and Enkidu, his trusty sidekick, battling make-believe monsters till dinnertime. All this role-playing becomes painfully real when Nergal, the ancient god of disease, crashes into Sik’s life. Nergal is seeking a treasure he thinks Mo stole from Iraq, and if he doesn’t get it, he will unleash a supernatural plague across New York City, transforming its inhabitants into monsters. Sik must fight demons, join forces with the goddess Ishtar and her adopted daughter, and venture into the netherworld to save the people he loves, making heartbreaking sacrifices along the way. He must become a hero in his own right, or the city is doomed. But is that even possible for someone like him?

'Short chapters filled with action, appealing characters, and cliff-hanger endings make this fantasy the kind of book readers will find hard to put down.'
School Library Journal