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Edie Richter is Not Alone (MP3)
Released the same day as the standard print edition
Edie Richter is Not Alone (MP3)
Written by:
Rebecca Handler 
Read by:
Megan Smart 
Unabridged MP3 CD Audio Book 
Number of CDs:
5 hours 23 minutes 
MP3 size:
234 MB 
March 09 2021 
Available Date:
March 09 2021 
Age Category:
Fiction; Crime & Thriller 
Bolinda audio 
Bolinda price
AUD$ 29.95
AUD$ 29.95

Award winning author
Debut novel

Edie Richter is Not Alone is a story about a woman's visceral confrontation with the fundamental meaning of humanity from award-winning author, Rebecca Handler.

Funny, acerbic Edie Richter is married, childless by choice and moving from San Francisco to Perth, Australia. She leaves behind a sister and mother still mourning the recent death of her father. Before the move, Edie and her husband were content, if socially awkward – given his career in oil and gas and her disinclination for small talk. In Perth, Edie finds her self in a remarkably isolated yet verdant corner of the world, but Edie has a secret – she committed an unthinkable act that she can barely admit to herself. In some ways, the landscape mirrors her own complicated inner life and rather than escaping her past, Edie is increasingly forced to confront what she's done. Everybody, from the wildlife to her new neighbours, is keen to engage and Edie does her best to start fresh. But her relationship with her husband is fraying and the beautiful memories of her father are heartbreaking and impossible to stop. Something, in the end, has to give.

'Hilariously heartbreakingly honest on every page, Rebecca Handler’s novel is that rare thing: a perfect book.'
Andrew Sean Greer, bestselling author of The Confessions of Max Tivoli

'This is a remarkable debut, and a jewel of a book.'
Matthew Zapruder, ward-winning author of The Pajamaist