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White Horses
Released the same day as the standard print edition
White Horses
Written by:
Rachael Treasure 
Read by:
Miranda Nation 
Unabridged CD Audio Book 
Number of CDs:
19 hours 4 minutes 
August 19 2019 
Available Date:
August 19 2019 
Age Category:
Fiction; Contemporary Fiction; Romance 
Bolinda/HarperCollins audio 
Bolinda price
NZD$ 44.95
NZD$ 44.95

Bestselling author

From one of Australia's bestselling and much-loved authors comes a sweeping, powerful story of a young woman who has to overcome terrible loss and trauma to find the courage to live life on her terms.

Following the disappearance of her mother when she was just a young child, Drift has been raised by her father, growing up to work alongside him as an itinerant cattle drover along the beautiful coastline of remote Western Australia. It’s a tough life, but nurtured by two wise women – Wilma, a gentle travelling librarian, and straight-talking Charlie, the legendary mobile saddler – Drift grows up to become a confident, idealistic young woman. But the world Drift lives in can be ugly and brutal. After a horrific sexual assault, Drift meets a handsome young stockman, but he is not all that he seems and she is drawn into a baffling world of lies and mysteries, centring on a lushly beautiful property called The Planet, run by a wealthy American woman. When Drift’s father is hospitalised and the young man she loves disappears, Drift has to find the courage to make her own way in the world. Drawing upon the deep well of women’s wisdom taught to her by Charlie and Wilma, Drift has to overcome heartbreak, betrayal and loneliness in order to forge her path and create the kind of world that she wants to live in. Full of authentic Australian heart, soul, warmth and humour, White Horses is compelling, captivating and inspiring, offering a vision of a vibrant, thriving rural Australia based on Treasure’s knowledge of regenerative agriculture – it’s another classic from the much-loved author of the iconic and bestselling novels Jillaroo and The Farmer’s Wife.

'Treasure writes with true grit, wit and warmth.'
Australian Women's Weekly