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The Case of the Fickle Mermaid
Released the same day as the standard print edition
The Case of the Fickle Mermaid
Brothers Grimm Mysteries #3
Written by:
P.J. Brackston 
Read by:
Kate Reading 
Unabridged CD Audio Book 
Number of CDs:
8 hours 54 minutes 
July 26 2019 
Available Date:
July 26 2019 
Age Category:
Fiction; Fables & Fairytales; Mystery 
Bolinda audio 
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NZD$ 44.95
NZD$ 44.95

New York Times bestselling author

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Witch's Daughter comes the story of Gretel, all grown up and investigating a series of mysterious disappearances off the coast of Bavaria.

Gretel, yes, that Gretel, is now all grown up and working as a private investigator in 18th century Bavaria. Her professional interest is piqued when she begins to hear whispers of mysterious goings-on off the coast of Schleswig-Holstein: sailors are disappearing, and there are rumours of mermaids and sea creatures and all manner of slippery, sea-based happenings. Ordinarily, Gretel's interest in sea-life does not extend beyond that which is edible, doused in butter and garlic, and already on the plate before her. However, funds are low, and the captain of the ship Arabella makes a tempting offer of good pay and a free cruise in return for her detective services. With a splendid new wig packed, Hans as her bodyguard on the journey north and the promise of two weeks of fine dining and erudite company whilst sailing around the picturesque Friesian islands, what could possibly go wrong?

'The no-nonsense heroine has grown quite the sarcastic tongue since the days of the breadcrumb trail.'
Kirkus Reviews

'Brackston does a good job of highlighting the plight of magical, misfit creatures. Readers seeking a diversion in the Grimms’ fairy tale world should have fun.'
Publishers Weekly