The origins

Discover Bolinda’s history of growth and innovation.


A long, long time ago…

Backed by her father, Rebecca launches Bolinda audiobooks, publishing our first audiobook and producing four titles in the first year.


Hello world wide web

We launch our eCommerce
website specifically for libraries, The website also allows people to order direct on


Listen up, world

Bolinda takes audiobooks to the world like no other audiobook publisher has done before and offers its digital audiobooks through Audible, US.


Going green

We rebrand. We create a brand mark that can symbolise the global audiobook category. Green represents growth and turning over a new leaf and, as audiobooks go from cassette to CD, we launch our hallmark green spines for the first time on our new range. Green comes to symbolise our innovative spirit throughout the business.


Thinking different

We help to launch iTunes Australia for digital audiobooks in partnership with Audible.


Our alternative phase

We remaster our entire back catalogue to MP3CD and launch to listeners and libraries the same year.


BorrowBox is born. The first fully native app in the world that enables audiobooks to be borrowed via a website and app.

BorrowBox goes live into its first Australian libraries.


2010 Australian Broadcasting Corporation partnership.

In November of the same year, we publish our first three co-branded ABC/Bolinda titles and launch the ABC audiobook catalogue throughout the world.


BorrowBox in Blighty

We take BorrowBox global and enter the UK Library market. Over 90 per cent of UK Libraries, as well as in the Republic of Ireland, run BorrowBox for eBooks and eAudiobooks.


Ruling Britannia

We grow our offering to become the largest, most innovative and most popular audiobook publisher in the UK.


Top of the world, ma!

BorrowBox is one of the world’s top three apps for eBooks and eAudiobooks, boasting 5-star ratings on Google Play and iTunes. An app that rivals consumer brands in ease of use, millions of people use it to access content from their local public libraries via their mobile devices.