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As well as our own original content, Bolinda represents some of the world’s most prestigious and respected publishers, offering you titles that no one else can.

The greatest books you’ll ever hear

We’re the leading name in global audiobook publishing. From lifestyle and wellbeing to novels and non-fiction, our titles top charts and win awards. And our commitment to delivering storytime anytime makes it easy to listen the way you like. That might mean picking up a CD or MP3CD from the library, or tapping into a downloadable eAudiobook. Whether you’re in a cabin or in a canyon, take Bolinda with you.

Here’s 45,000 we made earlier

We know a good story when we hear one, and so will you the minute you listen to a Bolinda audiobook. Produced in our own in-house, state-of-the-art studios in Melbourne, Sydney, London, New York and LA, Bolinda audiobooks combine brilliant authors, talented narrators and superb production to create mind-blowing experiences and addictive listening.

We’re all ears

We care about the people behind the books too, and we’re passionate about working with globally renowned authors and emerging writers alike. We also understand publishing and have spent decades cultivating strong relationships with agents, narrators and international production teams. All of which means we’re expertly equipped to translate page-turners into immersive auditory experiences that won’t take ‘pause’ for an answer.

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