Our leadership team

It takes a creative vision to grow a business like ours. Just ask Jan and Rebecca.

While Rebecca and Jan Herrmann are the original authors of the Bolinda story, they credit their commitment to a shared vision, alongside the work of their talented and committed team, with its ongoing and growing success.

Rebecca, seeing the potential of audiobooks from an early age, founded Bolinda when she was 24. From growing up in her family’s library supply business, Rebecca is today recognised internationally for reinventing audiobooks and developing digital lending for the modern age.

As Bolinda’s CEO and founder of BorrowBox, Jan is a techpreneur who developed one of the world’s most famous apps, enabling users to borrow eBooks and eAudiobooks by way of digital loans.

Entrepreneurs, publishers, innovators and marketers, not to mention passionate lovers of the spoken word, the Bolinda team brings the who’s who of Australian and international titles and authors to audio fans everywhere.

Champions of user experience and accessibility, Bolinda has delivered numerous world firsts in the eBook and eAudiobook market, making us one of the fastest growing, most innovative publishing businesses of our time. As renowned leaders in the fields of audiobooks and libraries, we have forged unparalleled paths to market over the past three decades, shaping how the world consumes and shares stories.